28 comments on “diy-vintage-buttons-necklace-2-vert

    • I’m guessing you should glue the buttons together and onto the fabric, cut it into the shape taken by the whole design then sew the chain ends to the fabric.

    • Hi Silvia,
      I’m new here, and i think your diy is absolutely amazing.
      I hope one day i could make some of my own, like you did.

      Kisses 🙂

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  4. LOVE THIS IDEA!! My mom has a box of beautiful, old buttons that belonged to her grandmother- ill definitely be making one of these for her. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Lovely! I love vintage buttons! Tip, if you are using glue for metal or glass buttons, use E6000. Otherwise you need to sew the buttons to the base. It looks like felt but I will be using ultrasuede…. Beautiful!

    • l like the ultrasuede idea too. I think I would use a neutral, flesh color or tan for the base so it will look like it is floating on your skin. Just a thougt

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